January 2007

Letter from your Mosquito Distributor

From the start of my childhood dreams of flight and throughout my twenty five years of the realization of that dream through hang gliding, flying for me has always been about freedom. To pick up a dacron and aluminum wing, run off a cliff in rising air, prone out and join the birds is an incredible and incomparable feeling hard to describe. You just have to be there I guess.

So what's a purist like myself doing with power? It's that freedom thing again. Some twenty years ago our flying group migrated inland searching for elusive thermals via towing, the only way available to us flat landers. Static tow, winch, both stationary and payout, and finally areo towing. Eventually, time, cost, complexity, and manpower availability because issues limiting our airtime (there's always something). To be able to fly wherever and when ever I wanted with conditions and judgment being the only deterrents to airtime has always been my goal.

Enter the Mosquito powered hang gliding harness designed by Swedish Aerosports. I first came across it in the form of a picture in Cross Country Magazine, an European publication, about 8 years ago. I enthusiastically showed it to a friend of mine and we promptly ordered a rather poor quality video. It was good enough to show how this thing worked, let alone that it was feasible. I could not afford it at the time, my friend could and shortly after I bought his. My first flight went off without a hitch, powered up to 1500', found a thermal, shut it off and climbed another thousand. I was so excited I had to land 30 minutes later to talk about it. Next flight that day a repeat but higher, longer and more experimenting with flying and power, in-air restart and then landing with power. This was what I've been looking for! I was instantly sold and became a U.S. dealer and eventually the North American distributor.

Is it a compromise of pure flight? Sure it is, but then towing is too in my book, with the only difference being we are carrying our engines with us. The extra 35 pounds my glider feels is the smallest compromise that I can imagine to achieve my goal of freedom. The Mosquito harness, your tow in a bag.

Cost-wise, spending appox $6,000 on a Mosquito and another $4-5,000 on a glider isn't small potatoes but it's a pretty inexpensive ultralight and with minimum maintenance will last a good many years.

We are not the cheapest powered harness out there but we are the oldest and (my bias here) arguably the best as is evidenced by Mosquito copies out there. Swedish Aerosports has been manufacturing and constantly improving on the Mosquito design for over 12 years now. Their R&D and attention to detail and quality is second to none. We also promise you a customer efficient and reliable service. We have been building up a solid dealer network with people who can demonstrate and show you how to fly this incredible machine. Call them! If your interested in joining our team, I'm looking for more dealers in these areas. East Coast, southern states, Florida, Texas, and midwest. Call for info. Bring the mountains to you.

Yours in flight,

Bill Fifer