(video available $15)

sizes: medium, large and extra large (more info)

Aerodynamic design with side entry and quick release buckles.

Upgraded prop - 10% more thrust (110 lbs.) now standard. Prop lock standard.

Designed for easy transfer in and out of prone.

Full carbon back plate for maximum comfort.

Lots of pockets. Integral parachute pocket.

High performance exhaust with silencer now standard

Choice of colors (2 month lead time w/deposit)


electric start: $450

dual start: $600

internal fuel tank: $125

folding prop upgrade: $250

Total with dual start, fold prop, and internal tank: $7970.00

Extra, extra! Our prices are current as of 3/1/2017

Take advantage of low Euro rate, order before June1/2017 and save $500 on basic mosquito


Save $725 on mosquito with dual st.,fold prop,and internal tank


Folding prop was $775, now $550
Leg was $44.50, now $30
Batteries were $140, now $110
There has never been a better time to order a mosquito in the last 20 yrs than now!