weight: 50 pounds

Recommended hang gliding experience: Hang II (20-30 hours). Good foot-launching skills.

engine: 120 cc Radne Raket (Swedish for Rocket) single cyinder 2-stroke pre-mix fuel

horsepower: 15 @ 8,800 rpm

rate of climb: 250-500 fpm average (depends on pilot weight, lift/sink & type of glider)

fuel capacity: 1.2 gallons (2.4 gallons with optional second tank)

range: depending on wind conditions & glider design,
20-95 miles per tank not counting thermals/skill level

options: Electric Start • Dual Start (pull & electric) • Internal Fuel Tank • Folding Propellor • Auxiliary Fuel Tank

glider restrictions: none

glider modifications: Keel cut 48" back form hang point

Imported from Sweden